Dating for shy guys

Don’t take too long or you have the chances to be friend-zoned. You must know that woman love humor, so try to make her laugh, flirt and have fun.

Never be too sweet to a girl to prevent yourself being overlooked as a possible partner.

Simply expand the circle of eligible women and increase the chance to become a real heartthrob.

Long gone are the days when you could score with the ladies with pithy sayings.

If you were not able to score until then: Forget it!

Even if it still so difficult , you MUST overcome your inhibitions and become somewhat cocky.

Alternatively, we open to you the door to the gardens of love and the paradise of interpersonal relations. Before you read the following ten practical dating tips for shy guys, we want to give you something along the way: Do not get too bogged down in choosing a potential partner.

A big mistake of most single men is that they are too picky in choosing a woman.

For some guys it is a great deal when it comes to meeting women.

They find it difficult to express themselves and are very shy.

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