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Do girls find it sexy when a guy's eyebrow Is cow-licked? Girls, do you find this eyebrow less man ugly or surprisingly :average, attractive, or ugly?Girls, what do you think of guys with eyebrow piercing? I won't run and hide, and I will look you in the 'eye' when you speak to me. I promise that I won't shun you, or hold up a cross if I see you coming towards me.And like the others said, try to get it a little deep as they tend to get pushed out if they're not deep enough (although deep ones can eventually get pushed out over time as well, it will just take longer).

I find it a turn off, but I know lots of women who really like it, so if you would like to do it, go for it.Places like tongues and eyebrows tend to push them out more whereas belly buttons, noses and ears tend to push out piercings less. Don't rely on what other's say to determine whether or not you get it done; it's your eyebrow, your choice.If you're confused about depths, talk to a couple difference piercers, talk to your dr.but remember some place's where you work will restrict you from wearing one "unprofessional" and may make you take it out!If you do get one make sure you go somewhere that is well known in pericing and spend the extra money to get it done by a professional body piercer, alot of hair place's offer piercing's don't go!

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