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" Nancy Lawrence Gehlbach describes the building of an airplane in Lincoln, Illinois, in 1928-29 by the Capen Aircraft Corporation (Our Times, spring 2000, p. Ernest Capen, a WW I Army flight instructor, "had come to Lincoln when his parents took over the Busy Bee Bakery." In 1928 he formed his corporation along with Robert and Hettie Sheets, Al Ahrens, and L. Dowling, the latter being the owner of the Lincoln Casket Company. The frame, fuselage, and parts (except for the engine, propeller, and a few accessories) were built at the company's work rooms at 217-1219 S.Logan Street in Lincoln, in a building that had formerly housed a planing mill.Some are unfortunately lost, whether by accident, by natural disaster, or by human tragic flaw that results in self destruction. Noises from the very heart of hell escaping out of the windows. ." Yet the owners, managers, and employees help to shape "the social and economic structure that makes a community a home" ("On a Personal Note," Our Times, 7.3, fall, 2002, p. This page offers a catalog of products seen in the history of manufacturing in Lincoln, Illinois.Most local citizens have mixed feelings about a community's factories: This paradox is well described by Pam Sheley, advertising-circulation manager of Our Times: "Factories. We see the building as a scars on the skin of our otherwise picturesque world. We appreciate the products they make and the income they give us, but our hearts do not warm at the sight of them. I begin with a listing of present-day manufacturers given as seen in a table provided by the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce economic development page (Web site address below in Sources Cited).In August of 1929, a biplane engine failed, and Capen and Carl Schacht were "badly bruised" during an emergency landing on the Dierker farm near the Kruger Elevator.On November 15, 1929, Capen had flown over Lincoln College and was approaching the Kruger Elevator when witnesses saw the plane "begin to wobble." Tragically, it then crashed, "striking its nose on the Chicago and Alton tracks, rolling down the embankment, bursting into flame, and killing Capen" I did a brief search of the Web, hoping to find more information and a photo.Those are also all gone -- building torn down -- lot is vacant.

For some companies, a little information can be found, for others almost nothing.

I quote Aerofile's entire entry below for the Capen Aircraft Corporation. Skyway (aka Special) 1928 = 4p Ohw M; Anzani (replaced by 165hp Curtiss Challenger). Suffered control problems after a few flights, crashed and burned, killing Capen [X7974] c/n 100.

Note the apparent inaccuracy of assigning the corporation to the wrong city Ernest J) Capen Aircraft Corp, Lincoln NB. In the spring of 2009, Dave Armbrust, LCHS Noble Class of 1960, emailed me copies of the Lincoln Courier news articles about the Capen tragedy, and Dave also provided photos of a charred fragment of Capen's parachute as well as a photo of workers in the Lincoln Casket Company, where part of Capen's aircraft had been constructed.

Left to right, Raymond Armbrust, Ed Hickey, Elmer Moiser, and Earl La Panse. Leigh's note: Elmer must have liked his boss to be giving such an affectionate pat on the patoot.

Photo courtesy of Dave Armbrust Using the microfilm material obtained by Dave from the Lincoln Public Library, I created a PDF of the Courier's articles on the Capen crash.

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including the highway bridges, GM&O bridge, Madigan State Park, the old dam (with photos & Leigh's memoir of "shooting the rapids" over the old dam), & the Ernie Edwards' Pig-Hip Restaurant Museum in Broadwell A Tribute to Robert Wilson (LCHS '46): Author of Young in Illinois, Movies Editor of December Magazine, Friend and Colleague of December Press Publisher Curt Johnson, and Correspondent with William Maxwell "It [Lincoln, Illinois] has never had any sizable factories. Eleven years ago, the Lincoln/Logan County Enterprise Zone was created to provide capital investment and job creation incentives.

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