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One of the most destructive tactics used within the power struggle is the jealousy game.Indeed, a game within a game only adds to its virulent nature.The power struggle is essentially the game couples play to determine who is the protagonist in the relationship.This inevitably creates a dynamic where the potential protagonist is both actively and passively being opposed, rivalled, and competed with by the antagonist.In our work and all our endeavours together, as conscious men and women, we must stand up for equality, knowing that one day we will be equal, not only by the laws of the land but also in our hearts and minds.Presently, we seem to be caught in a destructive dynamic of battling sexes, but I believe we can find healthier and more constructive ways to achieve gender parity.The jealousy game involves flirting with members of the opposite sex, and being sure our significant other knows about it.It involves letting our partner know just how attracted we are to celebrities and stars, implying our partner’s comparative success is inadequate.

But empowerment obtained from the debasement of another is not true power, it is merely a temporary tyranny.

I am not suggesting we forget the injustices of history but I am suggesting we lay them to rest and forgive the sins of our fathers in order to progress together.

Recently, I wrote an article on the commonly-asked question, It generated a lot of heat, as well as plenty of constructive discussion.

Increasingly, the 21st century extension of the jealousy game is to use an electronic device of some kind—a computer, a tablet, but especially a smartphone—as a way of denying organic attention to a partner.

These devices are an essential part of modern life, no doubt, but in the context of the Power Struggle they also serve as a way to detach from and passively dominate partners.

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