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I'm sensitive; to people, places, sounds, everything.

The Sixties were never really the Sixties; the culture in 1961 was far more bobby-socks and poodle-skirts than Afros and love-beads, while the late Sixties had more in common with the early Seventies than either decade had with its beginning or end.The media tell us that millennials are self-absorbed and lazy but optimistic.Maybe the bulk of the herd of millennials had a different experience than mine.So why is it that we’re so fixated on the idea of generations?I’ve always felt like there was an “off-generation”—my grandparents were too young to serve in WWII or Korea (so not the Greatest Generation, though they were pretty good); my mom was much too young to experience the Sixties; and I’m just barely a millennial.

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