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The lower risk of marriage over remaining intact occurred only for the last two cohabitation cohorts (2000–20 and later), which were about 18% and 31% less likely to marry than remain intact, respectively."Moving in together is becoming less and less likely to lead to having a future together.

That’s not to say that all cohabiters are in the same boat: Those who are engaged (or have clear plans to marry) before moving in together are far more likely to eventually marry—but as Guzzo shows, even they are becoming less likely to do so.

Second, these societal changes make it more important than ever for people who do want to succeed in marriage to be careful about how their romantic relationships before marriage unfold.

If you want to marry, be careful about cohabitation.

As young adults put off marriage until later in life, cohabitation has inhabited much of the space that used to be made up of married couples.

Though I've also heard some people have secret courthouse marriages so one partner can save on insurance. You don't see as much non-romantic roommate scenarios as you used to, and there are obviously more complex issues with romantic partners.

The trick is, that's where the best stuff happens in relationships because of the power of a long-term view and trust.

Of course, strong commitments make the most sense when a person has made a reasonable choice in partners in the first place.

That's in no way diminishes the fact that, historically, marriage turned out poorly for a good number of people for any number of reasons.

But, that point should be balanced with the incredible benefits it has brought to many other children and adults, historically.

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