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The processing can take on different shapes and forms.Much of the processing will be centered around analysis of the self and analysis of the other participant’s behavior.This can lead to grandiose acts of over-sharing and giving of self or to a strong impulse to run and flee from the relationship all together.If neither participant is aware of these behaviors and the reasons behind the behaviors this can be the end of the friendship or romance, even before the relationship has really had a chance to start.When two Aspies meet to form a new relationship, a space is created that allows an open understanding to occur that oftentimes neither participant has experienced before.For the first time an Aspie might feel seen, heard, and/or understood.

The mind wants to release the obsessive thoughts about the other individual and pushes the participant to react.

Even as he or she is aware, he or she is often unable to stop the feelings, thoughts and resulting actions.

As a result participants might partake in impulsive actions including detailed queries about the relationship, long dialogues written or spoken, a preponderance of over-giving and/or sharing.

Primarily self-awareness, open communication, boundary setting and adjustment, and self-acceptance can assist during the process of building a mutual beneficial relationship.

Still, the complexities of the relationship and effort required to maintain a semblance of normalcy and stability can overwhelm one or both participants, no matter what strategies are initiated.

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