Dating bad credit

“A big part of why our relationship worked out was because we were upfront with our finances,” says Amanda, a human resources manager.

Now, the Buchanans are hoping to purchase a home within the year.

“I need a man who has his life together and can pay his bills,” the 22-year-old Canarsie, Brooklyn, resident tells The Post.

“It’s easier to plan since we’re both on the same page,” says Amanda, 35.

My friends always ask for my financial fitness advice and it's often around stuff like when they should talk about finances with their partner or how do they tell their spouse about the credit card debt that funded their shoes and booze-filled 20s.

If you notice these things, you should probably have the talk.

But either way, you should definitely have it before you combine finances/get serious.

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And sure, you're probably not—and you shouldn't be—picking a partner based on their net worth, but it is important to be aligned with someone who has habits and goals that are on your level. They might ball out on credit to look good at the club but when an emergency comes up, they could be f*cked and potentially relying on you to clean up their mess. Before you have the talk, start looking for signs that indicate that your SO might not be on top of their credit.

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