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There is a date stamp inside, on the neck block, which is (shall we say) inconsistent with the standard serial number vs. As I -believe- I read once upon a time, that banjo-originated list was collated from dated receipts and bills of sale for a large set of serialized instruments.That kind of information evaporates over time, as the receipts tend to get separated from the instruments.Bob mentions certain errors which could have resulted in a serialization/date anomaly. I hope I have done properly in -responding- to the O.P.s question in this thread while realizing all too clearly that I -answered- nothing.I sincerely apologize for any mistakes in detail or in form.] The date on the inside of the mandolin, on the neck block, as quoted from the TAMCO web-site: "It is dated on the neck block Nov 4 1913." He didn't mention it as a "pet. I can only say that this was surprising to me, very interesting, and the result of my reading from the TAMCO site of a cylinderback offered for sale bearing an internal date stamp (of which I had not previously heard).

He also compiled much of that information personally from his own collection and those of his associates.There's always the possibility, for example, that an instrument was built but not assigned a serial number at the same time.This is perhaps more likely if the instrument was from a very early batch (perhaps even a prototype) that laid around for an extended time before being serial stamped and shipped.Jim was one of the owners of the Music Emporium and has had a lot of Fairbanks/Vega banjos pass through his hands.He was also aided by other collectors in the Boston area who have devoted a great deal of time to Vega instruments.

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