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Lastly, they were asked to what extent they (i) enjoyed and/or (j) regretted the interaction, on separate 7-point Likert scales.For all questions, women had the option to indicate that they had not engaged in physical interaction with a romantic relationship partner.Event-level analyses revealed that hookups were more likely to involve friends (47%) or acquaintances (23%) rather than strangers (14%); alcohol use (median = 3 drinks) preceded 64% of hookups.Condoms were used during 69% of vaginal sex hookups.Bogle, 2008; Paul & Hayes, 2002) and asked about specific sexual behaviors in such partnerships.Young people use the term “hookup” to refer to a wide range of intimate interactions between partners (Paul & Hayes, 2002).Next, we assessed using 12 items that asked students about their most recent “hookup.” In this section, we intentionally used the term “hookup” but we did not provide a definition; this required that women report on any experience that .Here, they were asked: (a) when the hookup occurred, (b) with whom they hooked up (stranger, acquaintance, friend, ex-boyfriend, other), and (c) if it was the first time they hooked up with that partner.

Hookups involving oral, vaginal, or anal sex were reported by 51% before college, 36% during their first semester, and 60% by the end of their first semester.

At study entry, participants also reported an average of 2.4 lifetime oral sex partners (All procedures were approved by the Institutional Review Board.

After providing written informed consent, students completed two surveys.

They also indicated (j) the reasons they hooked up from a list of 19 motives (adapted from Regan & Dreyer, 1999; Weaver & Herold, 2000).

Lastly, they were asked to what extent they (k) enjoyed and/or (l) regretted their most recent hookup, on separate 7-point Likert scales.

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Participants indicated (e) what specific sexual activities occurred and whether a condom was used if (f) oral sex or (g) vaginal or anal sex occurred.

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