Dating and courtship in modern society

Studies have shown that kids who were raised in the “purity culture” are actually more likely to be promiscuous, presumably because of an “all or nothing” mentality. When I was a teenager, a guy friend told me that he “knew” I was The One and that we would one day be married.I felt like I could break his heart and we would both be lonely forever, or I could make a huge decision, as a teen, to marry this guy.I rotated between seasons of putting my best foot forward and being proactive (a.k.a.wearing lipstick, learning to cook, and saying “hi” to people) and of resolving myself to a lifetime of singleness (wearing an invisible nun’s habit, reverting to shyness in public, and reading missionary diaries).

However, the courtship philosophy had led me to believe that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I could go left or right, no other options.It was late at night and two of my sisters and I were surrounding my poor mom, bombarding her with life’s biggest questions while my dad worked a night shift.She sat on her bed, as if she mistakenly planned on sleeping, and we sat all about in chairs and on the carpet as my rant continued: “What in the world were we thinking when we threw out all the customs of the previous generations?In general, I was happy, but every once in a while I would wake up and feel . Gone were the days of bathing the babies two at a time.Gone were the days of homeschooling at the kitchen table and working in the garden with the entire family.

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