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The American Cancer Society advises each man to talk with a doctor about the risks and possible benefits of the PSA test.Discussions should begin at: This uncommon cancer develops in a man's testicles, the reproductive glands that produce sperm. The American Cancer Society recommends that all men have a testicular exam when they see a doctor for a routine physical.The majority of colon cancers slowly develop from colon polyps: growths on the inner surface of the colon.After cancer develops, it can invade or spread to other parts of the body.It's June 20th, the first day of summer in I'm knocked out on an operating table and a robot is removing my prostate gland. Peter Mc Alear, 75, would have to carry a load of gear like spare trousers, underpants and pads.In April I learned I had stage II prostate cancer, and after questioning experts and survivors, I've decided surgery is the way to go. Something as simple as having a cup of tea at a neighbour's house used to be fraught with anxiety for Peter Mc Alear, And staying overnight at his son's home was all but impossible.Getting the right screening test at the right time is one of the most important things a man can do for his health.

It is an oily, colourless liquid that, in large quantities, is so unstable that the slightest jolt can cause it to spontaneously detonate.The year-old presenter was diagnosed with the disease - which has spread to his bones - a few months ago.He has chosen to speak about it in a bid to encourage others to get tested.A chemical once used as a deadly explosive could be a powerful new treatment for prostate cancer.British scientists have discovered a skin patch containing minute doses of nitroglycerine appears to stop some tumours in their tracks.

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