Dating advice for women in their 20s

As the years tick by, you start to realize there has to be more to dating and relationships than what you've considered in the past.Your priorities shift from being easy breezy, to a serious search for someone who has a similar outlook and vision for life as you. You've invested so much time and energy in going after the guy who is 6-feet tall with the chiseled jaw line and biceps that hug his sleeves.that way, you're always armed with an entertaining story to share with your friends.As an early 20-something, you haven't had the time or life experience to define what you want in a relationship.Your instincts tell you it isn't going to work, but you stay because you aren't sure what the other option is.

Nothing big, necessarily, just some assurance that as I embarked on a new decade, I had a clearer sense of who I was and what I was doing.

In that vein, we asked some of Huff Post's smartest staffers what they'd tell their 20-something selves. Figure out the reproductive and birth control choices that are best for you. Your life will be significantly harder if you don't have someone who believes in your path as much as you do. Say yes to as many new experiences you possibly can, but limit the amount of commitments in your life that don't work for you. Ninety percent of the sh** you spend your time fretting about really, truly doesn't matter.

Here's the advice these 30-something women want to share with women in their 20s: 1. You don't know what kind of mother you will be, or what kind of daughter you will be to an aging parent, or a friend to someone who needs it, until you are. Even if it's just a little every paycheck -- and even if you feel broke right now -- you'll be glad you did. But when you do spend money, keep in mind that you'll remember your 20s based on experiences you've had more than stuff you bought. Don't spend years uninformed about IUDs or your own cycle. It's okay to whittle down your friendships to the few core people you need. If you're spending your time trying to please other people, you'll wind up with nothing to give yourself. It's okay to be nice and pleasant and still be professional, but don't let people take advantage of you -- and STOP APOLOGIZING.

So you've started to look for a spark outside of physical connection.

You've seen firsthand that you can have the best of both worlds: a physical and mental/emotional spark. As you move through your early 20s, it's easy to settle out of convenience and fear.

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But as you move closer to those late 20-something years, things start to shift.

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