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The Turkish Statistical Institute reported in 2015 that 94.6 percent of Turks say watching television is their favorite activity.According to the Radio and Television Supreme Council, Turkish citizens on average watch 5.5 hours a day, making them the world’s biggest consumers of television shows. Since last year’s coup attempt, and amid military operations against the Islamic State and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party there has been a wave of television series featuring soldiers and intelligence operatives battling internal and external enemies.In one scene the characters talk after a battle about the kind of idealized empire they will establish, rewarding talent, intelligence and martial prowess.Writing in the cultural journal Birikim, the Turkish scholar Semuhi Sinanoglu described how such television series work as a kind “political technology” securing legitimacy for today’s political regime.Its relaxed approach to historical accuracy is less important than how it reflects the political mood.The show captures the Muslim nationalism expressed by President Erdogan, who during the referendum spoke of a bitter “struggle between the crescent and the cross.”Television series have considerable importance in Turkish culture.Described by The New York Times in 2012 as an “Ottoman-era ‘Sex and the City,’ ” “The Magnificent Century” luxuriated in the opulence and intrigue of the Ottoman court and became an international hit.Since the Justice and Development Party came to power in 2002, television series have become Turkey’s most glamorous export.

A few years back, rising self-confidence was symbolized by the blockbuster success of “The Magnificent Century,” based on the life of Sultan Suleiman, who led the Ottoman Empire at the height of its power in the 16th century.According to these series, “the names of Turkey’s enemies may have changed but their essence has remained the same since even before the founding of the Ottoman state,” Mr.Sinanoglu wrote, adding, “These enemies’ aim is to divide and destroy the country.” They invariably have “local extensions” in the form of well-connected cosmopolitans willing to commit treason for personal gain.“Dirty Dancing.” Watch the day’s best ads below: Amazon Alexa: There’s another celebrity feud brewing in 2018, this one between Martha Stewart and Jack in the Box’s Jack. ” Jack responds, and the star homemaker proceeds to rip his nose off his face.In the fast food chain’s Super Bowl commercial, the two throw down over who can make the better fried chicken sandwich, with Jack crashing the set of Stewart’s cooking show to take her on. ” Stewart asks, taking off her earrings to prepare for the fight. After she reconnects it, he is pulled away by security, telling her to “get ready for a Twitter war” with the hashtag #JACKvs MARTHA.

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