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The conversion to 3-screw took place in January 1968.Can you ever recall seeing a 5000 De Luxe stamped with serial number #11 through #231? This has been one of the great mysteries surrounding this model ever since its introduction in 1962. Trying to figure out if I should fish it or pass it along to a collector. It is spotless and has the leather case with oil & spare parts.All information on this page is my interpretation and opinion about the history of the Ambassadeur reel as I understand it.The very first entry to the book was 0232~0352 to G and there was nothing before.0232 stands for #232 and G stands for Garcia where item was shipped.Several variations were also being made for the 5000: An early example of Ambassadeur 5000 with portings on tension nut as well as handle nut. This model was first made in 1964 and have been made in limited numbers every year till today. Till date, other example of the Deluxe reels were the 5500 Deluxe, 5600C Deluxe.

I cannot be responsible for the accuracy of its content. More importantly, I DO NOT speak on behalf of ABU Garcia or represent them in anyway.We have become good friends through time and he will always be close to my heart. Abu Reel Collection Below can be found information, but not limited to, dating reels, reel cases, model number and letter designations, warning signs of altered reels, version numbers and their meaning.It is my hope that this information can be used as a tool to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with collecting.I used a Mitchell 300 until I was about thirteen or fourteen, when my father decided it was time for me to take the next step-- an Ambassadeur 5000!From then on, it would be an Ambassadeur that went on all my fishing trips.

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