Dating a silverface amp

I also apologize for not having a lot of photos of mint Silverface equipment.

Presently, I personally own only two well worn Silverface road warriors, a 1971 Champ, and a 1972 Bassman 50 (AA371).

by Frank Stroupe ***WARNING-There are voltages inside of a tube guitar amp that can KILL you.

There are components in the amp that hold live current long after the amplifier is unplugged.

Personally, I would rather compare Silverface equipment to what is available today. It is a great sounding little amp, and you can usually pick them up for under 0.

I apologize in advance if I got a date wrong, a model wrong, etc.

Its pretty hard to get extremely accurate information on the history of Fender amps..several reasons..someone will always criticize the specifics.

This is intended to be an informative article for the uninformed, and is purposely not terribly specific.

I'm also not going to get too deeply into technical details of circuitry.

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