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Nelly studies at the same institution as Dario and wants a simple man who has ambition. By the time you feel the need to lie about yourself, you are in a state of mind where you want people to see you as worth their attention.Trap Queen Wanjiku -she was the hottest of the participants.

The show is called Perfect Match and to call it garbage is not only hypocritical but also only half true.The trade-marks were, however, changed several times between the 1880s and now, and these can help to establish the period of production.There was sometimes an overlap in numbering between the end of one year and the beginning of another, so that some of the dates of introduction given below may be a year out.Allow me to share the video first for your viewing pleasure so that you can better relate to what I am yammering about: Dario is a student who studies at Kabete Polytechnic.He is a simple lad who had a simple upbringing so he would prefer a simple lass -therein lies the genius of the show’s producers.

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