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Few patients with Crystalens have experienced problems with glare, halos and night vision.Crystalens focuses only one image to the back of the eye, unlike a multifocal lens that projects multiple images, requiring your brain to “adjust” to the differences.This newest generation of intraocular lens implants was designed to improve visual acuity by correcting a minor postoperative condition called glistening, which can have minor adverse effects on visual acuity.As with most premium smart lenses, the en Vista IOL does incur some out-of-pocket expense to patients who choose this lens during cataract surgery.This provides a full range of continuous, high-quality vision at all distances, and all points in between.

It can reduce glare and visual disturbances, and improve intermediate, as well as distance vision.

However, early results suggest that this lens provides vision restoration on par with many refractive surgeries, reducing the need for glasses or contacts.

The Symfony is the first in a new category of Extended Range of Vision IOLs.

It provides a full range of continuous, high quality vision with minimal dependence on glasses for distance, intermediate and near vision.

Crystalens is an artificial lens implant that, unlike a standard IOL, can treat both a person’s cataracts and presbyopia—loss of near and intermediate vision.

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