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Kari also spent a year studying wintertime mindset above the Arctic Circle in Norway under a Fulbright research grant.A few of Kari’s favorite things are rainy days, brunch, and taking naps.Octavia holds a BA in European Social and Political Studies from University College London.In her free time, Octavia enjoys singing in the Stanford choir, exploring national parks and other new places, and playing board games with friends.In addition to Alia Crum, she also works with Greg Walton and Geoff Cohen, and with Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania.She has considerable experience in survey design and in multilevel cross-sectional and longitudinal modeling, having studied under a renowned statistics expert, John Willett, at Harvard, where she received her doctorate in 2014.She is interested in understanding how social and environmental influences affect people’s health mindsets, behaviors, and outcomes.

Eric is passionate about promoting ethical research practices and responsible applications of psychological insights.

Her love of teaching continued at Stanford, where she served as a teaching assistant for numerous courses and earned a Graduate Teaching Award.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in book clubs. Danielle received her BA in Psychology and Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Erik received a BA in Economics from Yale University, where he formed the discussion group The Examined Life and developed a love for deep introspection.

After working in the world of management consulting for two years at Bain & Co, Erik was excited to try his hand at mindset research and application as the inaugural MBL lab manager.

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In his spare time, Isaac plays ultimate frisbee, goes for hikes, and daydreams about being a landscape photographer.

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