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I thought it was odd for Larry to call me at such an hour since we’ve never spoken on the phone prior. Then finally I happen to answer the phone when he called.I could tell Larry was uncomfortable making dialog with me. Of course I fall in the role of carrying the conversation. ” I always answer by replying if I knew why I was single I wouldn’t be.For privacy issues, lets call this guy Larry the lecherous. From what I remember, Larry is a paraplegic (paralysis of the legs and lower body, typically caused by spinal injury or disease). We would chat periodically about random things or he would send me encouraging messages to keep up with my art or tell me how beautiful I was.

Minutes pass and I received a text message from Larry.He said I should feel flattered that he wants to be sexual with me. He also had the great idea of me painting while he “went down” on me. Not that I’m against anything sexual, but let me get to know you first before you try and get in my pants. So my question is, aren’t there any real MEN out there? I knew from then on this guy was a creep and there was no way I was going to go on a date with a guy that thought he could talk to me in such a manner. Sure, I have my days where it completely sucks being single to the point of wanting to send a bullet straight between the eyes of any happy couple.But, for the most part I wait for my time and just enjoy what life throws at me.

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