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Therefore, if you do not know the journalist, introduce yourself in the title such as: "Hi [Name], do you have 15 minutes to chat? However, if you possess a really interesting visual, you can add it to the body of your email and this can even play in your favour!Restrain from using too many superlatives and other exaggerated structures aimed at putting yourself forward.

It is therefore important to get him to understand your request quickly while simultaneously personalising it so he feels unique: make sure he does not understand the same request was sent to 200 other of his colleagues!Also, be sure to prepare a retro plan to make sure that you contact the right journalists or influencers at the right time.Would you like to appear next month in a given magazine?If possible, make links to some of his previously published articles talking about similar topics.Try keeping his interest high always keeping in mind that he probably receives tons of similar emails each day: differentiate yourself!

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For instance, if your business if focused on entrepreneurship or the freelance ecosystem, make sure to contact the right journalists accordingly.

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