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My grandfather died when my father was only 8 years old. He has tried verywhere to aquire a photograph but papa seems to have avoided the lense very successfully. From David Mc Clure: But for your postscript I would have regared this as a private family history matter unsuitable for posting on this site.

I think this was mainly due to the fact that he had a spinal deformity (perhaps? My mother died 7 weeks ago and i would love to see him smile. ps- He played with some mates in a band 4 piece, up Buttermarket Close (next to M&S Ayr). However, someone might remember the band in Buttermarket Close.

If your interests lie in family history, you may find Ayrshire Family History Societies and related sites useful. I can't find it on online OS maps, old or modern, Nor can I see it on the old maps on the National Library of Scotland website, which I can only search visually.

I had previously looked through the volumes of early Scottish public records for Ayrshire items starting with Sk-, without coming across it.

The general run of Anglian place-names will not do - it has to be items which speakers of Cumbric or Gaelic, especially the latter, may have found hard to pronounce and therefore altered slightly, to fit their habits of speech.

I don't think there's anything published of this sort of technical character, so I have to search for possible examples myself.

The places named have to be in areas where I can make a case that similar alteration under Norse influence is unlikely.

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