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Human can adapt to sleeping with all kinds of distractions eventually.It took me about 3-4 weeks in college to get used to fire trucks and police cars crossing the bridge under my dorm window at all hours of the night, but I did eventually.

An 8-foot hose with cover allows me to keep the machine farther away and a stretchy hanger keeps the hose elevated over the head of the bed. I have used a CPAP for years, as have a couple of my former partners. But, as I reassured one inquiring soul, they are only worn for sleeping.If you can handle your partner snoring like a 50-year-old chainsaw, a little machine humming should be no big deal.I tremendously quieted a C-pap machine by sewing a six-foot long, washable, padded covering for the air tube with Velcro fastenings along the entire length. I also sewed smooth covering for the headgear straps to prevent angry, red, scarification-like indentions on her face in the morning. CPAP hose covers are commercially available, or easily made at home.The tricky part would be that you have to start both CPAP's simultaneousy I have a few friends that need this device and even take it on bike and camping trips, and I have not heard any noise coming from tents, so my guess is that it is an older machine and needs to be updated and upgraded.I guess those of us that do not need to use sleeping aids when in bed are just the lucky ones, and I count my blessings that I do not have this problem.

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