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Later, Royce's former fiance, Cynthia Linders showed up in town and told Emily that Royce was physically abusive.

Royce tried to reassure Emily that Cynthia was exaggerating, Later, Emily was shocked when Royce was arrested for his sister, Neals, murder.

Unfortunately, not long after Brock was found dead.

Although Emily was convinced Ellie was the killer, the true murderer turned out to be Philip, who had put an unsuccessful hit on both Emily and Ellie.

Hoping for an advantage, Emily did some digging and found some interesting tidbits about Ellie's past.

Luckily for Emily, Paul arrived and, needing to protect her from James's wrath, Paul grabbed a gun (given to Emily by Brock Lombard) seemingly shot his father dead.

After a tense confrontation the pair ended up making love and began a passionate affair.

When Brock's father, Philip, tried to threaten Emily into staying away from his son, Brock turned around and threatened to turn states evidence if Emily was harmed.

Finally, on the witness stand, Royce broke down and everyone realized that Royce was suffering from split personality disorder.

Royce was found not guilty because of insanity and eventually Dr.

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Very soon after, Emily began a flirtation with her client, Brock Lombard, who was pursuing his old lover, Ellie.

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