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The city is still partially enclosed by a wall first constructed in Roman times, and sits on two arms of the River Stour for leisurely walks and guided boat trips.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Canterbury: Seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, Canterbury Cathedral is England’s principal Christian monument.

In the church’s stonework you can see hundreds of Roman bricks, although it isn’t known if these are from a surviving Roman building or were reused in Anglo-Saxon times.

The baptistery has an astonishing Norman tub font, fashioned from Caen stone and with carvings of arcades and interlocking circles.

This Norman construction was badly damaged in a fire in 1174 and restored in various Gothic styles.

Give yourself as much time as you can afford, to see the Perpendicular-style nave, with marvellous fan vaulting at the crossing, the sublime 14th-century choir screen, the 14th and 15th-century cloisters, beautiful Romanesque side chapels and stained glass windows dating from the 12th century.

Even as the layout of the city streets changed through Anglo-Saxon and Norman times, the circuit of walls remained pretty much the same.

The Victorian Tower House is in a Tudor Revival style and is now home to the Lord Mayor’s offices.

Take a seat by the Stour to watch the punts and ducks go by, and seek out the 200-year-old oriental plane tree, hard to miss for its gigantic trunk.

There are 24 Medieval towers still standing, and at the former Queningate, pieces of the Roman wall uncovered in excavations have been put on show.

The last of seven Medieval city gates defending Canterbury, the 18-metre Westgate is a formidable 14th-century construction beside the River Stour.

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The abbey was abandoned in the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, but a piece of Romanesque architecture can be found in a row of semi-circular arches.

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