Consolidating accounts quicken

If you accidentally chose Add rather than LINK, you can end up with duplicate accounts.

Reactivating an account also has the potential of creating duplicate transactions in the existing account.

Compare to Register gives you the opportunity to choose what to do with each downloaded transaction. Or should it match a transaction that has already been entered into the register Compare to Register helps keep your registers accurate.

You can undo only the action of accepting multiple transactions (for example, if you clicked Accept All but later changed your mind).

If you do not see a Download Transactions tab, troubleshooting information is available. You can use One Step Update to get quotes and check for software updates as well.

One Step Update does not work with Web connect accounts.

You will need to add that loan into Quicken again as a connected account.

Reactivating an Account Causes Duplicates When reactivating your existing account(s) in Quicken Mac, you should be prompted to Add, Link or Ignore the accounts found at the bank using your credentials.

After Quicken downloads your transactions, you can review the transactions before entering them in your register in a matching process called Compare to Register.You can add the following types of accounts and features to Quicken.Some account types are not available in all versions of Quicken.To do this, click Undo Accept All (you may need to first open the area if it has been minimized; click the double arrow icon below the balance area of your register to do this).Undo Accept All transactions is available until you close Quicken or download additional transactions into the account in question.

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