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The extreme bore is actually like that of a small trombone (.485) but it plays focused and not at all "too big". It sold for around 9 in 1927 (03.40 in todays economy, ..thanks Alan Rouse!!

Heavily gold plated, totally hand burnished, beautifully engraved, and a player to boot ! I obtained it in nearly mint condition with all the Conn accessories and case; rotary tuning slide to A, cornet shank, cleaning rod, mouthpiece, and lyre all gold plated.One was the Leisch boys (Oscar, predominantly)--- who brought in what would have been a normal "Grands Prix" trumpet (i.e.with the medals), --set up with third slide tuning--with the throw ring below and the stop rod on top; this is the ax that Bach copied (but with the ring on top--the stop rod on the bottom) (Besson thought you shouldn't have your left hand in contact with the bell--so they set it up lower). The standard by which all other trumpets are judged is the orignal French Besson trumpet.I left the shop that day with this under my arm and the Bach was left hanging on a peg for sale on consignment as part of the deal.This was my first collectible trumpet, and at the time, I wasn't in to collecting yet.

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