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Five years ago Eureka’s Deputy Jo Lupo thought for sure she was in line for a promotion when the then-sheriff of the small town retired after an encounter with a tachyon accelerator. In the show’s fourth season opener “Founder’s Day” he proposes to Jo. On the romance front, Jo became involved with Zane Donovan, a computer hacker who turned over a new leaf and began working for the local think tank Global Dynamics.“The episode [“Reprise”] where Zane [accidentally] burns down Jo’s brand new house was a blast to do, from him starting the fire to the scene at the end with him and Jo.I think that was supposed to be their first ‘real’ kiss after their breakup, and it was quite a passionate one, too.

Despite their continual butting of heads, Zane felt there was something more between him and Jo.“In the beginning the way that relationship unfolded was very sweet, almost like a childhood relationship,” says Cerra.“It was like both characters were thrown together and everything was glorious and almost sugarcoated.In the fourth season Eureka episode “Liftoff,” Fargo felt Zane deserved to know the truth about the “other Zane” and Jo.Since then, the relationship between the two has taken a more positive turn.

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