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So to fix this error, you need to set the Property Grid’s Site property.

Any implementation will do – in this case – since the Control that is displaying the worklfow is also the Parent of the Property Grid – we can use that Control to provide the implementation of ISite – which is fairly simple.

Ok – so “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. What is happening here – is that the Rule Condition Dialog class is looking for a Service (if you start to play with Designer re-hosting you will quickly become intimate with an interface named IService Provider – and the way that different designer component are de-coupled and only communicate via services). IType Provider is an interface that is exposed from the workflow assemblies itself.

It is a type that other worklow types (the Rules infrastructure for one – Workflow Markup Serializer for another) use to get dynamic type information.

Read all about my amazing experiences I had with online dating.Here is my simple implementation of this interface for this control : After adding that code – the “Select Condition” dialog comes up fine.Unfortunately if you try to add a new condition via the “New Condition” button – another exception comes up.In this case the Property Grid relies on ISite to get its services (unlike most other designer components which rely entirely on IService Provider).What is happening is that the internal classes that dispaly the Rule Condition dialogs is trying to find a service and can’t find it because the Site property of the Property Grid is null.

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