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Common sense dictates that everyone should review any & all information on any site visited, to determine legal & health issues regarding any products listed.

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)My ex got me into cigars - bought my first one, it was a Fuente Opus X. Too bad really.i smoke cigars at random times, usually whenever im playing poker or i just feel like buying a pack of muriels.

Was hooked since, though for various reasons haven't had a cigar in nearly 2 years. But I do enjoy the occasional cigar and I do own a pipe. At the reception the jacket compes off and she hitting on anything in a skirt puffin' her stogie and hoping no one notices the smell of unwashed sweat and armpit hair halfway down to her waist. lady friends of mine have actually asked to try my cigars while im smoking them. to me its no biggie since i smoke cigarettes & cigars, i chew and i drink also.

Many people don't realize that the amount of smoke you consume with these is much less than a cigarette since you traditionally don't inhale the smoke directly, but indirectly. The frightening one was the wedding of a friend when the brides sister showed up. Complete with man tux and undershirt, and suspenders. whats funny is i got an ex hooked on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and another to try copenhagen black. A woman with a glass of scotch a cigar and a power suit...

With that said, I would rather be with a woman who could share my occasional interest in a fine smoke than have one who thought that it was repulsing. Does she drink whiskey and get into the occasional bar fight along with smoking cigars? Basically "masculine" nature of cigar smoking makes an attractive woman even more attractive to me because of the contrast.

The smell lingers in the hallways on a daily basis. I do not however appreciate chain smokers and/or any other smoker who's habit has an effect on the people around them. I like smoking cigars I don't do it often but I do like then I like some cigars from convience stores but as any thing in life I rather have a the good stuff like a cuban they tast better and last longer. Whenever I go down south to Dominican or Cuba I always pick up some cigars. Nice to sit and have a nice drink and smoke one while having a deep conversation with my dad which I dont get the opportunity too often. I don't know if its sexy nor do I care what men think, I enjoy it, its something that I do with friends and it relaxs me. I was very Danvers Massachusetts trinkalink 60 Woman Seeking Men I enjoy listening to music while singing along, going to concerts, watching movies at the theater or at home, reading and tattoos.I am an easy going person who just wants to enjoy life.

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You are welcome to use Cigar Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g.

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  1. Where he seeks equilibrium in order to feel he understands the world around him, she seeks—and represents—novelty, as a result of the very curiosity that made her the woman he initially admired.