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For extensions, you can enable it again if you have installed them like ad block plus or any other. Right under the Google Search Box is where the Trending Searches was appearing and to the right of that was the "dots bar" giving the option to turn off Trending Searches. A malware explicitly designed to sabotage the computer systems of the Olympic opening ceremony sounded very interesting, but other duties were more pressing at that time, so analysis for pure curiosity had to wait.Luckily Olympic Destroyer runs single threaded – except for the spreading functionality – which makes it easier to follow the execution one call after another.The analyzed orchestrator has a Sha256 of edb1ff2521fb4bf748111f92786d260d40407a2e8463dcd24bb09f908ee13eb9 and is 0x1C6800 (~1.7MB) in size.

New features: - Fix blank most visited page in Chrome 60.

In the following blog post I will mainly describe the first type of Olympic Destroyer.

At the end I will discuss the main differences between the two types, which revolve around the usage or non-usage of the well-known tool Ps Exec.

I've read through other solutions that have worked for others, but none of them seem to work for me. When I open a new tab I am just getting a completely blank screen. You could consider to Refresh Firefox to see if that will bring back the new tab page the way it used to look.

I don't have the little gear icon showing up when I open a new tab to choose to set it to show my top sites... I want it to show my most visited/most recent sites like it used to. If that doesn't do the trick, you could give this add-on a try (Web Extension) : or (also Web Extension) : HI   ! You could consider to [ Refresh Firefox] to see if that will bring back the new tab page the way it used to look.

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