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In 2003 he was arrested under a law banning “inappropriate” sex, along with a friend and two foreigners, and spent two-and-a-half years in Insein Prison. This was the first time his parents and his wife became aware of his secret life. In the end, I stopped informing and went back to being a sex worker myself,” he said.When he was released, the Ministry of Home Affairs asked him to turn informer against the male prostitutes of Yangon. All the other sex workers did what they did because they were poor, he said, and saw no other way out. But with no education and no work but odd jobs, how can you support a family? We just wanted enough to get by for a family life.” Conditions for sex workers changed with the advance of the internet.Nobody had ever given me anything before,” he said.The men invited him for drinks, then brought him back to their hotel room and asked for sex. But I needed money urgently for my family so I agreed to do it,” he said. He became a regular sex worker, offering services for gay men.

At one time, you could see up to 50 sex workers around the markets at night, chatting to customers.They feel nobody stands up for their rights, and everybody looks down on them. We can’t share our feelings with family or friends.It’s a big problem for society too,” said Ko Kyaw Zayyar Swe.A doctor who provides health support for people living with HIV and AIDS said male sex-workers are particularly difficult to contact.“Both sex-workers and customers have to be aware of sexual health issues.

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But they no longer have to worry about the television getting wet in monsoon season. Than Than Htwe has struggled to support the household since her grandchildren moved in last year.

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