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This app is very addictive and has devastated our family.Since taking it away and getting therapy, our happy, conscientious, daughter has reemerged. Full of harassment and overall stressful situations that do not contribute to fun whatsoever.She says the compulsion, disguised commoradere, escalating mixed messages, shame, and encouragement to hide content from parents/friends made her life miserable. Even when ypu approach a curator of a problem you are told this: Nurse Michy: "Don't take it too serious" and the final solution was this: "the app may not be for you".I went looking for others that share common intertest in a game as myself and found nothing but vulgar, dishonest and terrible people. Just stick with your console, handheld or pokemonshowdown.I have also taken her out of public school, and have placed her into a all-Christian private school, and I am now paying for counseling for her. Okay parents, I have seen you complain about some aminos themes, about the sexual content and the bulling, even scam, and you what?All of it is true, remember that even if the app if made with good intentions and most of the users are kids, anyone has access to it and obviously your kids are going to end up talking with some adult eventually, the best example is me, I'm 21 girl.I already had 3 bad situations with diferent members, of course I knew how to act and I inmideatly blocked and flag them, and 2 where for sexual requests, of course those conversations always started with a normal chat, oh and of course I always post i'm 21 but anyway I share this with you parents so you can see that this sexual things exist, and the last thing,, most of users are aged between 12-16, at least in the aminos that I use, but yeah I don't recommend it at all for kids under 17, and with all of this you can make your own judgment about the app Horror's moderated unfairly.I tried creating favorites that weren't in the catalog, looked at other faves a guide, And was denied..

She would also stand up at 3am just to chat with those pedophiles.She'd met someone in a chat room who encouraged her to question her sexuality, engaged her in bisexual role play and they were planning to meet in person!!! The content we saw was clearly predatory and so, so scary.When we trashed the app and locked down the phone, she begged us to let her say goodbye to her "community".So, my 14 years old daughter dowloaded this app in November 2017.She told us what it was and said that she was just on there to share her works. I asked some colleagues if they knew if that app was safe and some of my friends told me that it was a totally secure place, I regret believing them.

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