Celibacy and dating

I feel unable to trust men or allow them into my life in any real way.On one hand, celibacy has made me feel empowered, free, and in charge of my life.I keep telling myself that celibacy is choice I’m making, and I can also un-choose it.Yet, as the years go on, it feels like my celibacy has taken root and has become part of who I am.”4. To use a very tired analogy, you can’t crave chocolate if you’ve never tasted it.Maybe it’s an act of self-preservation, I don’t know, but I feel really empowered by being celibate.” 10.“So, I was never brought up in the church – if anything my family were against it. It didn’t feel right but he was kinda pressuring me. For quite a long time, I didn’t care about being celibate. “Growing up in a strict Pentecostal household, I was constantly lectured on the harm in treating ourselves and others as sexual objects.Your value as a woman, my mum would say, should not be based on your sexual appeal to men.

However, I don’t judge them for theirs and I definitely don’t feel ashamed of mine.”9. I was a victim of sexual assault when I was 19 and for months and years afterwards the thought of sex terrified me.Swap ‘sex’ for ‘chocolate’ and that’s where I’m at. Basically, I’m waiting to have sex with someone who won’t make me regret it one day.”5.“I had a history of sleeping with guys who didn’t respect me.In my second marriage, my husband used our intimacy as a weapon to control and manipulate me.My entire self-esteem became tied up in this manipulation, and after the marriage ended, I seriously doubted that I could ever trust a man intimately again.

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I can easily weed out those who aren’t going to respect my choices. My relationship with my son’s father was filled with abuse and dysfunction.

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