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Another has very long testicles or, as Anna delicately puts it: “The bells hang lower than the rope.” The long and the short of pubic hair is a big talking point too.

After deciding which member to discard, the Perspex wall is lifted higher.

They don’t even get to reveal their faces or speak until they have been whittled down to the last two.

The six suitors discard any cheesy chat-up lines and twinkly-eyed charm along with their clothes — it’s all about whether their date fancies their dangly bits.

Like with ABC’s will also do a reverse-gender version.

The celebrities must choose between each of their two remaining eligible ladies, with the winner whisked away on a dream date.

Naked Attraction is set to make Take Me Out look like a prim Jane Austen novel and Blind Date like Brief Encounter.

Yet it sets itself up not as some titillating fleshfest riding roughshod over the boundaries of decency, but as a SCIENTIFIC experiment.

My Life 17 Mario Lopez: Jennifer Toof appeared on Flavor of Love 2 where she was eliminated on the show's fourth homo after Flav discovered she had posed in a pornographic vh1 celebrity dating shows.

Here comes controversial Channel 4 dating show Naked Attraction . Just one minute in to the shockingly explicit show, which starts tonight, and SIX penises fill the screen, followed by boobs, balls, bum and what C4 bedfellows The Inbetweeners described as “clunge”.

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