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After a bit of digging, though, I was able to find some information.

For example, a blog post from 2015 states that Betternet VPN offers both 256-bit AES encryption over the Open VPN protocol and 128-bit encryption over IPSec: That’s industry-standard encryption, but there’s no indication of when either of them are used.

Because it doesn’t have as many features as other VPNs, everything is pretty straightforward.

Betternet says that it does things a bit differently and protects your privacy and security better than the other free VPNs out there.

But is Betternet VPN a good choice for protecting your security and privacy? I took a deeper look to see if this free VPN can stack up to its paid brethren.

(And their privacy policy makes no mention of 256-bit encryption, which is a bit worrying.)Other, more fully featured VPNs offer more protocol options, but in general, you won’t need them.

Open VPN is one of the most secure out there, and when you can’t use it, IPSec is a strong second choice.

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Although their virtual private network is secured through Open VPN VPN protocol and 256-bit AES encryption, their software not the best option for security and privacy as we’ve found several DNS and Web RTC leaks.

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