Ca etrust antivirus not updating

CA acquired the well-known Pest Patrol antispyware application in August 2004, and its current incarnation (now called e Trust Pest Patrol Anti-Spyware) forms the suite's spyware protection.

In addition to its on-demand spyware scanner, it includes real-time protection against spyware—oddly, this protection is initially turned off.

One of the things I like about e Trust ITM antivirus/pestpatrol is that the AV has two engines.

There is the base e Trust engine with CA’s signatures.

You leverage the two engines by running the overlapping cure scans every three days.

The AV is the same used by ZA6, and it automatically checks for updates, cleans infected files on access, and scans e-mail for viruses.

The human nature reaction is of course to read NONE of them. I will watch it for a week and see if I am correct.

That brings us to making each site’s clients send to another Alert Manager. Next you need to update the file in your installation source directory.

One downside is that they have no pest patrol for OSX yet. Very annoying and it forced me to temporarily disable email alerts.

The annoying thing was that they saw each other’s alerts. I think if you are not forwarding alerts to the main e Trust server then the data is not making it into the summary charts on the dashboard nor into the reports.

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