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Greenberg portrays John Hammond, a record producer who was pivotal in helping Smith become an icon late in her career.PHOTOS; Your Favorite TV and Movie Cast Reunions The HBO film is Greenberg’s first major return to TV since ’s premiere, Greenberg talked to ETonline about working with his fiancée on screen, diving into Chung’s reality TV past, and having brunch -- because everyone’s got to eat!

We haven’t heard too much about the wedding since you and Jamie Chung got engaged. You haven’t seen too much news about it because we just did this movie called . Now it’s getting in all these festivals -- it’s going to premiere at the L.

Some people at the [New York City] premiere said they knew him and that I didn’t screw it up too bad.

What surprised you most about what you saw on screen?

Johnson ran for the Democratic nomination in the 1960 presidential election.

Although unsuccessful, he accepted the invitation of then-Senator John F. They went on to win a close election over the Republican ticket of Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

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