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This flag was chosen in anticipation of independence from colonial rule, which occurred on March 12, 1968, and was first hoisted on that date.

The people of Mauritius are descendants of European (mostly French) settlers, the Franco-Mauritians; African slaves and creoles, the Afro-Mauritians; Chinese traders, the Sino-Maurtians; and Indian laborers, the Indo-Mauritians.It is also about an hour's drive from both the airport and the islands capital, Port Louis. Although there is only one restaurant, Le Cocotier, it serves a varied range of Chinese, Indian, European and Mauritian specialities.The single restaurant and bar (La Canne a Sucre) also encourages eating and drinking together.Mauritius was long under colonial rule by both the British and the French.The unique culture that resulted is reflected in the national flag, one of only two in the world with four equal horizontal stripes (the Central African Republic has a four-striped flag that is bisected by a vertical red bar).

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The population density is one of the highest in the world. This is demonstrated through the official census, first published in 1846. The white and colored population was 102,217, and the Indian population was 56,245. The white and colored population increased to 115,864.

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