Boyfriend still logs into dating site

It’s a hard thing to overcome but at the end of the day, your spouse MUST be more important than your reputation (and vice versa).Try to hang onto that notion and focus on the golden rule—would you want her to be forever embarrassed over your indiscretions?We start to think they might actually be perfect (in a relative sense).When something comes along and pops that perfect bubble, you feel dismayed and alone.

The research on cheating spouses and extramarital relations is a vast and, honestly, contradictory group of numbers.

However, one thing is certain– if you’ve experienced a cheating spouse, you are not alone.

The cadre of broken hearts has grown as the marital dynamics change with modernity and life longevity.

You’re going to see your wife lose her temper, she’s going to see you take a shit on your honeymoon and you’re each going to see each other act like a total loser at an event.

Get used to it and let this encourage you to start seeing your marriage in a realistic light; an imperfect light—just like everyone else’s. She was constant, loveable, funny, honest etc., the list goes on.

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