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State legislative district lines are primarily the province of the state legislatures themselves in 37 states.In seven states, politician commissions draw state legislative district lines.Established in 2008 by ballot initiative, the commission comprises 14 members: five Democrats, five Republicans, and four belonging to neither party.A panel of state auditors selects the pool of nominees from which the commissioners are appointed.Four states employ independent commissions to draw the district maps.

The heavy Democratic tilt in those years was in line with the chamber's history going back to the 1960s, where Democrats first established their dominant majority that mostly stayed intact afterwards.But in 1958 there began an almost unbroken period of Democratic control through 2016.Before 1994, the only election where Republicans won a majority was 1968, the same year that Republican Richard Nixon became the first native Californian to be elected president. However, Republicans did not maintain effective control of the chamber after the 1994 elections., which is the Stop Motion animation of live actors.) Video editors alter a section of the screen by averaging or mildly scrambling the color values of the image across larger areas than the original pixels, producing a blocky effect that obscures detail but retains much of the original hue and contour information.Used to blur out faces (of criminals, crime victims, and undercover police officers; people who didn't sign releases to allow a show to use their likeness), offensive body parts (mostly breasts on women, the middle finger when used as a rude gesture, and anything below the waist on both sexes — that includes front and back), obscene words and written messages (mostly on T-shirts, billboards, and signs), trademarked product names and logos which have not paid for placement (MTV does this a lot to their rap videos and on most of their reality shows, like ), extremely graphic injuries (particularly the bloody stumps left behind when someone loses an arm or a leg or wide open head wounds), depictions of marijuana (be they the actual leaf or a rolled joint that's been lit and smoked), and even the years on closed-circuit date stamps (done a lot on reality shows that focus on police chases and crime, such as ). When played for laughs, the censor box or pixellation instantly becomes a Gag Censor (for example, superimposing a crown over the crotch of a streaker during a royal visit in Britain).

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