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I'm from the UK and I am enjoying watching a lot of these KDramas, I find the humour very much like our own This drama was half good, half terribly awful.The parts between the ghost, Bong Sun, and the chef were fine.The actors/actresses “gelled” together very well that they were performing in concert with each other (much like when Chef Kang likened cooking with conducting an orchestra), resulting in a story that was captivating & well-put together.The plot covered a lot of life lessons, evoked deep emotions, inspired soul-searching.Kudos to all the cast & crew, & many thanks for such a great story & performance.Rating for me is 100% but the digital bar ends at 99% I dunno why its very sad, when soon ae farewell to chef, i cried so much, because of her bong sun can get closer to chef and when she lived she was doing good, but why she get died? Honestly this drama was horrible, I don't get the many good reviews. Hes so perfect and i do hope that he has my boyfriend qualities hahaha i do hope i was cute as Bong sun hahahaha all the big love. There are no drawn out misunderstandings, the characters are smart and reasonable, and the pace isn't dragging.

Watched the first 4 and had enough, finished with watching the last two too, just to at least know the end of the story. But the character of Soon Ae is so annoying and selfish. I don't want to reveal spoilers for people who may want to watch this drama. I was watching this show n I have just finished it super cool and unique, great story line, amazing characters and most of all.and Na Bong Sun's chemistry which made me cry and smile at the same time!! The character of Na Bong Sun is weak, you can see through the comments down below that many people said Chef Kang fall in love with her because of Soon Ae, I can't deny it.She has no boundaries and the drama completely ignores the consent, opinions or feelings of the character Bong Sun. I just want to say that I was prepared to dislike this. Good work has been done here really, since new stuffs were being portrayed in here, apart from just everyday love stories, the existence of ghosts in our lives and how they affect our daily life is what made this drama the best. I'm not a story=writer so I can't judge everything easily. Talking about Soon Ae made Chef Kang fallen in love with Na Bong Sun is true but the other fact is Park Bo Young did a great job with her acting skill.If it weren't for that, the drama would have been enjoyable. I initially thought the plot was strange but I decided to give this a try out of boredom. Anyone looking for Kdrama to watch soon, I suggest this one!!! It was a bit upsetting at times when I realised it was the ghost's doings through Bong's body but later on as the story progressed and ended I was glad how the writers finished it! And if you guys see the last episode eps the "UNREVEALED KISS" I can't say no with this couple.Isn’t that what a great story with great characters portrayed by great actors/actresses is all about?They also managed to tackle their ethnicity, religious beliefs & show off tourist spots; also gave hacks about food preparation & cooking.

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