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The internet has been "transformational" to the way we have relationships, says Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington who studies dating.

She's noticed, for example, the speed at which technological trends ripple through our culture, and how quickly people become adopters. "It's a very powerful presence in modern life." That's particularly true in courtship and dating, Schwartz said.

So she tested it in a segment called Tinder Tapout for her late night Comedy Central show, "Not Safe with Nikki Glaser," which ran for 20 episodes last year.

She and her team created fake profiles of good-looking women, then struck up conversations with real-life men.

Glaser started one conversation by having a fictional female celebrate that she'd just sold a stolen wheelchair.If you wanted to date only people who like Star Trek, normally you'd have to weed through several p'tahks before finding someone to join your crew, as it were.Now there's a site for pretty Star Trek fans, as well as sites for vampire enthusiasts, gamers and even devotees to the writings of Ayn Rand.It's easy to forget modern smartphones came on the scene only a decade ago, when Steve Jobs unveiled the first i Phone.The mobile app boom came afterward, helping make services like Uber, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder household names.

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In another, she told a marine she had PTSD, "Party Till Severely Dumber." He responded, "What's your favorite color?

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