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Isis then bears a son Horus, and Osiris goes to rule in the afterlife.

Next Seth turns his attention to Horus, attempting to discredit him as a male by having sex with him.

These two in turn produce another pair, Geb and Nut.

Finally, Geb and Nut, the earth and the sky, combine and produce the two pairs of Isis and Osiris, and Seth and Nephthys.

Isis exemplifies the reproductive female, Osiris the reproductive male, Seth the nonreproductive eunuch, and Nephthys the unmarried virgin .

He then brings the semen to Isis who sprinkles it on Seth's favorite food, (the non-sexually reproducing) lettuce, which Seth eats.

Seth and Osiris are in competition for primacy among the archetypal beings.

Seth kills Osiris by cutting him into pieces and scattering them all over Egypt, but Isis, with the aid of her sister Nephthys, gathers the pieces back together and revives him long enough for him to impregnate her.

Another version of this story, referred to in the Book of the Dead, says Seth casts "filth" into the eye of Horus, causing it to emit liquid. In any case, Horus is always spoken of in terms of the regained strength of his eye, and Seth in terms of the loss of his virility.

What exactly is meant by filth is open to question. Seth's behavior may be considered inappropriate and harmful, and he may lose face, but he is unquestionably a homosexual, which means a homosexual is one of the most ancient central archetypes in Egyptian mythology. The intrigues among the archetypal beings have been interpreted to reflect not only human interactions, but the interaction of the Nile with the surrounding desert.

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