Beards are intimidating

As a jealous female counterpart to the world of the beard, I certainly do participate in the beard scritches bonding time. Now, I've never met a real lumberjack but I can only assume they have the ability to take out a dude in one punch. Women will throw themselves at your feet or have fantasies about you throwing them against walls and showing them what your beard is really made of.

So it should be no surprise that the men I've dated and/or am attracted too are sporting the largest of the large beards. This is a phenomenon among many of my dude friends that I also indulge in from time to time. Your skin is all natural underneath that hairy goodness you've got going on, and is much happier because of it. You'll instantly be the coolest one of your male friends.

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And if we look back at any kind of history whether it be religious or not - many important figures are rocking the facial hair.

So the next time you feel the urge to pick up that razor and shave it all off - just think about all of the women who may approach you in a social setting and compliment you on your beard. Going out to eat and scared of dropping food on your new flannel? You may say, "Eww, food in your beard is gross." And you're not wrong in thinking that but you always have that dillweed that's all "Dude, you got food in your beard." And the snarky response of "I was saving it for later!

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