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This is how Blizzard restricted cross-racial mounts.' I have a special mount, such as the ZG raptor or tiger.If I do not level her to 40 by this patch, I will be forced to pay another 72g (honored, no Pv P discount) to learn to ride it.The tooltip for Mechanostriders, for example, says only Dwarves and Gnomes can ride them.Therefore, even if you could get a mount cross-faction, you couldn't use it.

This is all done from an easy Command Rose interface in-game.Playing it in offline mode, setting it to run as administrator, turning off the Steam overlay, putting it into Win XP compatibility mode, verifying game cache, etc. None of the Support topics on either Steam or EA Support have anything on how to fix this. I would've assumed then that it was a CD key issue, but two things quickly changed that assumption. if you're using Refresh Force, click the 'Restore Original Settings' button and apply) or set it back to 60Hz for both 800x600 and your chosen gaming resolution.I even downloaded Origin just to see if adding it on there would do anything. A) Whenever I would run the game, the CD Checker would run and not spit out an "invalid CD hey" error, and B) using the invalid CD key fix on the Steam forums (HERE) seemed to do little to fix the situation. Alternatively, see the Advanced Tweaking section of the guide for details on how to set a different startup resolution, in case your graphics card/monitor simply cannot do [email protected] resolution.Forgotten Hope 2 is an award-winning World War II mod for Battlefield 2, covering all aspects of land, air and sea combat, with a focus on realism and historic accuracy.Project Reality reworks Battlefield 2 to create the most realistic and demanding virtual combat environment for PC gamers possible. AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop game modes.

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