Avoid pitfalls online dating

Wising up on these key scammer habits will help protect you from getting hurt, and stop you falling for the wrong person.From experience, putting yourself out there online will make it quite hard to differentiate a scammer from a normal person!Top tip: keep your conversations online for at least two or three days.Habit #4: They Are Deeply Inquisitive Scammers tend to ask you lots of personal questions, pretending to be really interested in you.

Whilst this is fine, and a normal part of getting to know someone, make sure your answers are not so personal that you are disclosing details of yourself that the scammer could use against you.To counteract this, scammers say to you that they would rather communicate with you through emails, instant messaging and texts, rather than through the dating site.The excuses they give will sound relatively legitimate to you, but they are just trying to get you off the site, and away from prying eyes.That’s because a scammers past is made up, and it’s effort for them to remember which life story they are telling you, as they probably have many made up personalities.Top tip: Your new love interest could well be scammer if you feel the conversation is very one sided.

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