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I used to buy him stuff and offer to pay for stuff, but I always expected that once he got on his own feet, he would offer to do the same for me.

However, when he started to work full time and I went back to school and worked only half time, I nagged about not going out anymore and he still never took me out or offered to help me with my bills (the kind of stuff I did for him when I was working full time).

I'm really feeling like I'm going in circles with this guy.

I need to know if maybe it would be better for me to move on with someone who has the same important views on marriage, but then I feel guilty because the relationship is fine.

This will also give you an practical to gage his set of interest.

Also, he doesn't take me out unless it's my birthday or Valentines, so I pretty much always get stuck with paying for stuff.

Should you decide to pursue a relationship with me, you will need to be single and available. If you love me, you will respect my desire for love and happiness and you will not contact me in any way or in any form until you are single.

If you cannot respect my wishes, I will have no choice but to ignore your attempts to communicate with me." I have been dating a great guy for 3.5 years now, we seem to have grown together and become great friends as well, and I have always felt he was the love of my life, but he keeps doing things that make me doubtful about investing my time.

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I truly do care for this woman despite all we have been through and what we are up against.

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