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She kind of hangs around where I hang out sometimes talking with other people.The question is, is she waiting for me to go up to her and ask her out for a date in person or is the lack of replies a sign to NEXT? She is about 30 so I don't think shyness is a problem.When looking for an Armenian mate, there are many places to consider.Whether online, at church, work, school, through family or friends and even in the country of Armenia, you will find plenty of opportunities to meet, become friends with and then possibly start a relationship with an Armenian. In order to find an Armenian mate, it helps to live -- or work, or play -- near large Armenian communities.Would appreciate your thoughts on this armenian at home away from home.

Visit Lake Sevan with its beautiful waterfalls, rich forests, and man-made wonders like old monasteries. Become friends on Facebook or trade cell phone numbers or email addresses.

Contacted her after a couple days for a meet up but after replying to the 'How are you text', she went silent.

Sent a restart text after 5 days but still no reply.

Armenia is known for its rich culture and history, ancient architecture, diverse landscape, and modern attractions including casinos, clubs, restaurants, theaters, cafes and more.

Stop by Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, and meet your Armenian mate at a disco, opera house, jazz restaurant, or park. Ask around to see if anyone you know knows an Armenian family.

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You might as well read the whole thread: that - Armenian women are of 2 types - - In there scene and give it up in the social circle (give a shit about their reputation - these ones usually live with mom/dad in glendale) - Don't care about their scene and show off how open-minded they are If you are lucky enough that the one you are talking to is mentally mature enough to be living on her own, congrats you are in the tits. Yes I acted like a woman does towards guys on a bad date.

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