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367 pp., fully illustrated, in English This book studies 46 pieces of European jewelry: pendants, reliquaries, amulets, and talismans from the eight to the eigthteen cemtury.The engaging title "The thing of mine I have loved the best" comes from the medieval will of an English duchess who bequeaths a reliquary jewel to her son.

View Catalogue Text by Sandra Hindman and Laura Light, fully illustrated, in English This Primer provides short introduction to a complex subject: how artists, scribes, and publishers in France, England, Germany, and the United States used the remote medieval past to articulate aesthetic principles in the book arts at the dawn of the modern era. Although there are thirteen examples in this Primer, many include more than one work.

The Hebrew Scriptures occupy a central place in Jewish cultural and political life and consciousness.

View Catalogue Text by Laura Light, fully illustrated in English Breviaries are one of the most common types of manuscript surviving from the later Middle Ages.

With an introduction by Diana Scarisbrick, this book follows the “life of the ring,” from the metal and gem mines to the modern collection, and through the forge, the goldsmith’s shop, and the hands of successive generations of owners. Preface by Sandra Hindman, 320 pp., fully illustrated, in English The sixteen manuscripts in this catalogue contribute to the history of the first millennium of the Bible in the Latin West.

To compose the present catalogue, we were able to assemble a selection of exceptional manuscripts from one of the great European private collections of medieval manuscripts and art at the highest level.

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The introduction to this primer provides a general guide to their history and contents.

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